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A Cape Canaveral Lighthouse Sunset

Sunsets on Florida’s Space Coast can be quite spectacular, especially over the Banana River. Catching a nice sunset out at the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse is quite a treat. Although there is not view of the river from the grounds of

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Cape Canaveral Lighthose – Then and Now

Over the last 15 years while working at “The Cape” I’ve had the opportunity to photograph the Cape Canaveral lighthouse both on the way to work and on the way home. I’ve also researched looking for any history and old

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Cape Canaveral Launch Complexes 21 & 22 – Part 1

Nestled near the tip of Cape Canaveral lies a very unique launch complex constructed in 1957. At first sight you would not recognize it as a typical launching pad for rockets, instead of launching vertical, the rockets are launched horizontal

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Sunrises and Sunsets of The Cape

Evening colors! One of the perks of working out at the Space Center is that it’s located on a wildlife refuge and there is very little development – especially at the beach and along the rivers. Over the past thirty

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Sunrise over The Cape

  The sun rises over launch sites at Cape Canaveral. Launch sites 9 & 10 along with sites 31/32. The Cape Canaveral Lighthouse stands guard over all the unused and historic sites today.

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Stormy Day and Rough Seas at the Cape – View from Launch Complex 46

Some pictures from atop Launch Complex 46 – soon to be the site of the Orion Assent-Abort 2 (AA-2) test flight. Modifications to the launch complex are in work for the Pad Abort Test of the Launch Abort System (LAS)

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Cape Canaveral Lighthouse – Cape Protector (Part 1)

What is it about seeing a Lighthouse’s that invokes a feeling that reaches deep inside of us and harkens back to a past long forgotten? The history and nostalgia of each lighthouse and the Keepers of the light and how they played a

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Sunrise at the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse – March 18th, 2015


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